Your Pain and How Petró can Help

Life includes pain. Pain helps us move away from things that can be dangerous to us. Unfortunately, in a society as busy as ours, and as disembodied, our body is often thought of as nothing more than a brain taxi(thanks to Mark Walsh for that metaphor). The common thought is that if something goes wrong, we need to ask a doctor what part of us failed, get a physio to fix it, pills to numb it, and, if all that doesn’t work, we look at fixing or replacing it surgically.

The reality is that our pain is telling us to move differently. It is a whispering voice telling us to gently adjust our behavior. It is only when we do not listen to the whisper and change something that it begins to get louder and eventually becomes the unbareable scream.

We experience all of our life through our bodies; each emotional upset comes with its lump in the throat, each excitement comes with its nervous butterflies in the belly, each rage comes with its jaw and fist gripping tumult.

“A wrong functioning of the psyche can do much to injure the body, just as conversely a bodily illness can affect the psyche; for body and psyche are not separate entities, but one and the same life”
– C.G. Jung

Since 1998 Petró has been helping individuals and groups of people get out of bad habits and move towards health and enjoyment through finding balance and ease in their bodies. His passion has lead him to study with teachers from all over the world. Currently, the majority of his work is based on two methods.

  1. Rolfing® – Structural Integration A hands-on method of combining deep myo-fascial bodywork and movement education to create a more organised, balanced body, able to respond to the necessities and joys of life.
  2. And Somatic Experiencing® A safe and gentle, body-centered approach to help liberate the oppression that past traumas can hold over us.

I combine these Methods to help each of my patients find new levels of health and wellbeing, free from the limitations of old injuries, unhelpful postures and movement habits, or unfaced traumas and fears.

Why people come to Petró?

  1. They are in pain and would like the pain to go away.
  2. They have tried many therapies and the pain keeps repeating and they think that something about how they are moving/living is creating the pain.
  3. They have low energy and stress and would like to live more balanced and free.
  4. They would like to enjoy life, doing the things that they love into their 90’s or 100’s.